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  • Yeshua Hamashiach Unisex Hoodie in navy color

    Yeshua Hamashiach on this hoodie denotes Jesus the Messiah. This name comes from Hebrew and shows Jesus as the Savior fulfilling God’s plan.  This is significant for every believer because it reminds us of Jesus’ teachings and how they fulfill ancient predictions. Wear this hoodie to share your faith and […]

  • Yeshua Name Above All Names Unisex Hoodie in navy color

    The phrase “Yeshua Name Above All Names” on this hoodie means that “Yeshua” is the most important and powerful name. This quote comes from the Bible, where “Yeshua” is another name for Jesus Christ.  It shows respect and honor for Jesus, highlighting His special role as the Savior and the […]

  • Jesus Unisex Christian Hoodie in black color

    This hoodie shows faith and loyalty. It shares belief and invites others to spread Jesus’ love. Creativity Faith has created a caring design with a simple but important picture.  This reminds us of Jesus’ loving ways, teachings of kindness & forgiveness, and the hope He brings. Join us to display […]

  • Forgiven Christian Hoodie in charcoal color

    The Christian hoodie is specially designed with the famous word “Forgiven,” summarizing the precious message of 1 John 1:9. As long as we are willing and courageous to admit our mistakes and sins, God will forgive us and give us the opportunity to start over. Wearing the hoodie not only […]

  • Redeemed Christian Hoodie in black color

    The “Redeemed” is inspired by Ephesians 1:7, perfectly presented on the Creativity Faith hoodie. It highlights how, through the sacrifice of Jesus, believers are set free from the consequences of their wrongdoing. His ultimate sacrifice is for the forgiveness of sins.  This sacrifice allows us to be forgiven, illustrating how […]

  • Yeshua Christian hoodie in navy color

    Get comfy and find peace with our Christian hoodie featuring the powerful name “Yeshua.” “Yeshua” is a name for Jesus that carries messages of love and hope. Whenever you wear this hoodie, it can be a reminder that you’re not alone and cared for.  Feel the presence of “Yeshua” surround […]

  • Jireh You Are Enough Christian hoodie in black color

    The quote “Jireh You Are Enough” on this Christian hoodie represents a strong belief in God. “Jireh” comes from the Hebrew word appearing in Genesis 22:14, meaning “provider.” This hoodie reminds us to trust God’s provision and know we are worthy and valued. You are enough – God has already […]

  • Yeshua Lord Redeemer Savior Christian Hoodie in charcoal color

    Inspired by the hymn “Jesu! Redeemer! Saviour, Lord,” this hoodie features the message “Yeshua Lord Redeemer Savior.” It reminds us of Jesus Christ as our ultimate source of hope and strength. Finding comfort and peace in His presence, this Christian hoodie is perfect for any occasion – from everyday wear […]

  • Yeshua Make His Name Great Again Unisex Hoodie in black color

    Slip into comfort and find strength in this hoodie from Creativity Faith. Its bold declaration, “Yeshua Make His Name Great Again,” draws from the timeless promise to Abraham in Genesis 12:2-3. Wear it like a badge of belonging, a daily reminder of your role in sharing Jesus’ love and blessing […]

  • Yahweh Breath His Name Christian hoodie in navy color

    Within the sacred verses of the Bible, the concept of “Yahweh Breath His Name” finds resonance, echoing the sentiment of Genesis 2:7, where believers are encouraged to proclaim and praise the name of God with every breath.  Creativity Faith aims to convey this spirit through this special Christian hoodie. With […]

  • Yeshua The Same Today, Tomorrow & Forever Christian Hoodie in black color

    Inspired by Hebrews 13:8 in the New Testament, the phrase “Yeshua the same today, tomorrow, and forever” stands out on this Christian hoodie from Creativity Faith. We aim to share our belief that He remains unchanged regardless of when you look at Him – whether today, tomorrow, or any time […]

  • Salty Christian Hoodie in forest color

    The word “Salty” on this hoodie is inspired by the Bible (Matthew 5:13). It means being different in a good way like salt makes food taste better.  This Christian hoodie reminds Christians to live their faith in a way that makes the world better, just like salt! Wear it with […]

  • Yahweh I Am Who I Am Christian hoodie in black color

    The phrase “Yahweh I Am Who I Am” on this hoodie refers to Exodus 3:14 verse. This phrase signifies God’s eternal and unchanging nature. This Christian hoodie is a testament to the timeless truth of God’s existence.  Wearing it can remind you and others to be respectful of God and […]

  • Jesus The Jewish Messiah hoodie in white color

    Creativity Fath has selected the renowned Psalm 118:26 to feature the special saying “Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord” on our hoodie, reaffirming our belief in Jesus.  As the Jewish Messiah, Jesus is God’s representative, bringing blessings and love to the world. By wearing this […]

  • Jesus The Way The Truth The Life Christian hoodie in black color

    The powerful phrase on our hoodie, “Jesus The Way, The Truth, The Life,” comes straight from the Bible (John 14:6). In this verse, Jesus declares himself as the ultimate guide to God, truth, and eternal life. This simple yet profound statement encourages believers to trust in Jesus as their path […]

  • Yeshua Author And Finisher Unisex Hoodie in black color

    The phrase on our hoodie, “Yeshua Author and Finisher,” comes from Hebrews 12:2 in the Bible. It refers to Jesus Christ as the one who begins and completes the Christian faith.  Do you acknowledge Jesus’ supreme authority and trust in his ultimate guidance and fulfillment in your spiritual life? If […]

  • Jesus is the Anchor of My Soul Unisex Hoodie in charcoal color

    The hoodie “Jesus is the Anchor of My Soul” holds deep meaning. Jesus anchors us, brings calmness, guides, protects, and gives strength.  He’s our steady support and assurance. Just as an anchor steadies a ship, Jesus provides direction and certainty in life’s challenges. Are you ready to share this truth? […]

  • What A Friend We Have in Jesus Unisex Hoodie in white color

    “What A Friend We Have in Jesus” hoodie brings a real reminder of constant companionship and help. Isn’t it amazing to have a forever friend who stays with you no matter what, even if you’ve made mistakes? Even when others leave, God is there, caring for your deepest wounds. He’s […]

  • Perhaps You Were Created Unisex Hoodie in black color

    Taken from Esther 4:14, the saying “Perhaps You Were Created for such a time as this” on the hoodie indicates everyone has a special purpose at a particular moment. You matter. You’re here for a reason. So, embrace your purpose and trust God’s timing. Keep making a difference each day. […]

  • God is Greater Than the Highs and Lows Unisex Hoodie in navy color

    This hoodie conveys that “God is Greater Than the Highs and Lows.” It emphasizes that God’s strength and love are greater than everything.  God doesn’t care who you are, where you are from or what color you are, He is constantly by your side. Regardless of what occurs, good or […]

  • WWJD He Would Love First Unisex Hoodie in sport grey color

    The hoodie with “WWJD? He Would Love First” reminds Christians to think about how Jesus would behave or react in a situation, using it as a model for their actions. The phrase “He Would Love First,” highlights that Jesus would base his actions on love and kindness. So, why not […]

  • Normal Isn’t Coming Back Jesus Is Unisex Hoodie in charcoal color

    The phrase “Normal Isn’t Coming Back Jesus Is” this hoodie is a way to show what people believe. Even if things don’t go back to how they were before, we can still find hope and strength in Jesus. Our faith gives us comfort and support, even when life changes. He […]

  • Blessed Unisex Hoodie in black color

    The stylish hoodie featuring the word “blessed” holds the idea of being favored, approved, or given God’s grace and goodness. By wearing this, you’re showing the world your strong connection to Him and your thankfulness for His role in making your life beautiful. Product Details Soft and cozy 50% cotton, […]

Our Christian hoodies are perfect for keeping you warm and stylish while spreading the love of Jesus Christ and opening the door for deeper conversations about your beliefs. With Bible verses, Christian phrases, and words from Jesus, our unique designs serve as reminders of God’s enduring promises of faith, hope, and love.

With our Christian hoodies, you can proudly wear your faith year-round whether out and about, spending time with loved ones, making new friends with fellow followers, or simply having moments of solitude. These comfortable pieces offer opportunities to share your spiritual journey with the world.

Here’s what you can expect from our product:

  • Our 50/50 Cotton/Polyester blend delivers warmth and breathability, keeping you comfy through every season.
  • Available in a multitude of colors and sizes ranging from S to 3XL.
  • We proudly print, ship, and package every hoodie right here in the US to achieve top-notch quality from start to finish.
  • Our Direct-to-Garment printing technology guarantees vibrant, long-lasting designs that endure countless washes without fading or cracking.

Check out our collection today and find the perfect Christian hoodie for you. Also, have a look at our Christian apparel collection for t-shirts, sweatshirts, and hoodies! If you have any questions, please feel free to send us a message.