Woman Of God – How Can You Become Such A Figure?

If you are a woman of God, you can have the special characteristics that make your life better and more significant. These characteristics have a close relationship with God. You can be kind, loyal to the family, or get great wisdom in any situation and a warm heart to everyone. 

Besides, this woman also has the wealth, charm, beauty, and mystery that is attractive to other people. This article can help you understand more about the noble characteristics of this woman. You also look for useful ways to be such a figure. Let’s read on!

What Is A Woman Of God?

A woman of God is a person who makes a close relationship with God through God’s words. These words are associated with beliefs. You follow him and belong to him. You can match your life with the guidance of his words. 

Being a woman of God also means that you need to have complete faith with thorough control over attendance at church. You should wear modest dresses with the volunteering spirit and eat the best treats for a Bible group. 

Being a devout woman who gets the perfect personality from God, it also puts you in various situations that help you develop your characteristics and nurture your heart.

Essential Characteristics Of Woman Of God

Kindness And Courage

The first thing from the most significant lesson in the Bible is kindness and courage. Your brave and kind actions can originate from the heart of God. 

You can open your heart to the poor and support them. This is a kind of action that shows God’s heart. The noble, Godly woman finds courage in God. You can give kindness to everyone around you, including strangers. 

Despite your good wealth or excellent abilities, you must have a kind heart.  The courage and kindness show the tenderness that is the main aspect of what helps you get the divine personality.


God praises the hospitality that creates your value and spirit. 

Hospitality is simple to implement in all situations in your daily life. This characteristic is important to make a direct connection and complete communication with others.  

It is useful to reduce the distance between people and make your life perfect.


Loyalty is a good characteristic that receives high appreciation. Loyalty is being respectful to the other person regardless of the situation. 

This is the greatest personality that shows your faithfulness and kindness that God rewards you. 

Being loyal begins with dedication and commitment to God. In other words, your commitment to each other starts with committing to obey God. 

Besides, this personality depends on your communication. When you keep in constant communication with each other, you can listen to and understand your partners.


Wisdom is a graceful and great personality that shows in the spoken language. Thinking about what you will say before speaking is a perfect way to give you a divine reputation and become a wise woman.

A pearl of true wisdom originates from the powerful God’s guidance with the Holy Spirit. 

When you find God’s wisdom in aspects of your lives, you can see the positive changes in your lives. It is God’s wise guidance that ensures the way we can make the proper actions and have the right thoughts.

Hard Worker

The integrity of your work is an important mark of your personality. You will be proud of your work in favorable conditions. 

Despite the unpleasant work, you always believe in whatever you do and become a hard worker with God’s guiding words. 

Dedication will help you work harder at whatever the task to boost your value in your life.


To be a woman of God, you should trust Him with great effort. 

Despite your circumstances, age,  or what you can see around you at the time, you can believe in great faith.  Your faith will set a good precedent for your heritage. When you believe in God’s promises, you will be completely blessed by Him. 

When you deviate from the common stream of the world, God’s faith will secure your life. God will lead the beauty of heart and praiseworthiness with the overall existence. Faith also allows you to say or think about the positive things that make your life change.


A submissive woman doesn’t mean your life is less important or valuable. It implies that someone can put their authority on you.  You must do everything under someone’s authority. 

However, it doesn’t mean you will do whatever the other people want. You also have the right to refuse them if you don’t want them. Try to do your best to support them and serve them in the best possible way. God will highly appreciate your actions that make others happy or improve their lives.


Humbleness is one of the good characteristics that you should get if you are a Godly woman. When you are a strong God’s woman, you don’t need to assert yourself by showing off your achievements or admiring the life of others. You can be independent to show off yourself with the perfect personality you have. 

Understanding your modesty is the noble trait as an honorable badge in God’s eyes. This is an ideal way to use it for a greater purpose than your temporary fulfillment.

How Can You Become A True Woman Of God?

Commit Yourself To God

One of the simple steps to being a Godly woman is to commit yourself to God. Though it sounds simple, it’s hard to do. In reality, it is difficult to change your mind with the Holy Spirit and devote yourself to God. If you are willing to and allow God to change you into what he wants, you will be God’s woman.

Keep The Goals In Mind

The goals play an important role in fostering you to be a good woman of God. Before being a Godly woman, you must set specific goals for your expectations and beliefs. If you are Christian, your goal is your eternal life with God and the reward you get if you remain powerful. 

They are peace, love, and endless joy without worries, pains, and tears. 

God will support you in being a great and strong woman if you do not give up on your goal and faith.

Live According To God’s Priority

Being a Godly woman means living according to God’s priority. It also means you should believe in God and follow his method in your reactions, thoughts, choices, or words.  

Make the right choices to reflect that God is your top priority. The word “priority” indicates following God’s way in all things. 

You must listen to God’s advice to make the right thoughts, decisions, reactions, or words.

Nurture A Hot Heart

A passionate heart is one of the necessary factors that make you a devout woman. You will challenge the temperature of your heart when you remember these lessons of Jesus. 

You need to nurture a hot heart with strong motivation and enthusiasm. Why should you have a hot heart to be a Godly woman? 

Because a passionate heart will give you what you want to be. A high temperature is essential for emotions, passion, or intense activity. It’s a significant excitement. A hot heart is also a noble thing you can devote to God.

Build A Strong Community

To become a perfect woman of God, you should convince other women to believe in God’s faithfulness. This can help you build a firm and powerful community to share the significant messages that change your life. 

A strong community with a common belief and main goal are one of the important conditions that make other women trust their lives. 

You need a great community of faith that tells you that your choice and attempt are right. It also helps you be stronger when you feel weak and discouraged.  

When you join a community, you will not struggle with betrayal, low self-esteem, rejection, steadfastness, and insecurity. If your divine beliefs are different from the world, you can get complete support from other community members. 

You can also learn more useful lessons and knowledge from other community members.

Woman praying with a bible. Image from Raw Pixel


The above is the great personality of a woman of God that you need to get if you want to become one. When you pursue this figure, you will become strong and excellent with a greater influence on the community. You will be humble, courageous, helpful, or submissive once you are a woman of God. 

Thus, you should commit yourself to God first and keep the goals in mind. Besides, you also follow God’s priorities and build a strong community with the other women who share the main purpose. These simple ways guide you on how to be the right woman of God perfectly.